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By far my favorite cup!

I haven’t done a post about any of my favorite products in a long time. I just went and made a second purchase of a cup that BOTH of my children love, so I figured I’d share with my online family!

I honestly have no clue how many different types of sippy cups my Thor went through. Cups that claim to not spill, not drip, “child-proof” cups and so on. You other moms know how it goes. You walk into the store looking for the right cup, but how do you make a decision?!? You see the one your friend’s daughter had at the park last week, and the one your child’s cousin uses. There’s the cheaper one which would be nice in case your daughter doesn’t like it, since of course, you can’t return a used cup…

Well I have found the winner. (At least as far as MY children go)


The cups that worked, and are still working for us are the Sassy grow-up cups. These cups are shaped like a normal cup, but have a top that screws on with a silicone rim. The liquid is stuck in the cup, but the child can get it out by tipping the cup up like a normal cup, and sucking a little making the silicone lift and break the seal.


My son started using these cups at around 16 months, and my daughter (who doesn’t even do bottles) started at 5 months! Are these cups perfect? NO! What they have been for my family though, is a way to give our children liquids from a cup that does not spill, only leaks when thrown with force onto the floor, and also teaches our children to drink from a regular cup.

Where do we use these cups? In the car (without having to worry about a giant puddle if the kid throws it down) at the dinner table, on walks, at the airport (we fly often), and everywhere else we go.


Now I’m sure you’re trying to figure out what the downside to these cups is, because they can’t be perfect. Well there are a few things that are not so wonderful about the cups.
-First thing, DO NOT purchase the insulated version of this cup! The top doesn’t screw in as well and they pop open when thrown or even just dropped onto the floor from any higher than a toddler’s height.
-Second, I don’t use these cups for anything besides water or the occasional watered down powerade. Anything that could mold or go bad, WILL get caught in the silicone grooves and mold. I pull the cups apart (the silicone piece easily pulls out from the lid) and put the pieces through the dishwasher twice a week or so, and wash them by hand without pulling them apart the rest of the time.

All this being said, I LOVE these cups and will continue to use them daily for my children.


-for the record, I purchased these cups with my own money. No one is paying me to review this product. I just love to share things that make my life with children easier with other moms.



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