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Here Comes Thor!

Wow, has it been forever of what?!? We are now into our 5th month of the pregnancy, same as before with no sickness, not a whole lot of being uncomfortable, and to top it off, we found out that our Thor is really a Thor!!! Whew, what a relief that we haven’t been calling a girl Thor all these months, lol

Last week we tried taking photos to announce the coming baby and it was… Well, eventful? We tried first to get the dogs in on the photo since they are a part of our family… Jackson was a perfect angel, while Kira didn’t quite behave… The first few shots turned out something like this…


I guess she didn’t like the idea of not getting her face into the shot, plus we had the camera on a timer so after 5 or so that were… Well not quite the image I had in mind, we decided against having the dogs in the photo.


This was finally what we ended up with for our photo and I pretty much love it. Thanks for Daniel for setting his camera to sepia ahead of time so I didn’t have to do much editing, But HERE COMES THOR!!!


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