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By far my favorite cup!

I haven’t done a post about any of my favorite products in a long time. I just went and made a second purchase of a cup that BOTH of my children love, so I figured I’d share with my online family!

I honestly have no clue how many different types of sippy cups my Thor went through. Cups that claim to not spill, not drip, “child-proof” cups and so on. You other moms know how it goes. You walk into the store looking for the right cup, but how do you make a decision?!? You see the one your friend’s daughter had at the park last week, and the one your child’s cousin uses. There’s the cheaper one which would be nice in case your daughter doesn’t like it, since of course, you can’t return a used cup…

Well I have found the winner. (At least as far as MY children go)


The cups that worked, and are still working for us are the Sassy grow-up cups. These cups are shaped like a normal cup, but have a top that screws on with a silicone rim. The liquid is stuck in the cup, but the child can get it out by tipping the cup up like a normal cup, and sucking a little making the silicone lift and break the seal.


My son started using these cups at around 16 months, and my daughter (who doesn’t even do bottles) started at 5 months! Are these cups perfect? NO! What they have been for my family though, is a way to give our children liquids from a cup that does not spill, only leaks when thrown with force onto the floor, and also teaches our children to drink from a regular cup.

Where do we use these cups? In the car (without having to worry about a giant puddle if the kid throws it down) at the dinner table, on walks, at the airport (we fly often), and everywhere else we go.


Now I’m sure you’re trying to figure out what the downside to these cups is, because they can’t be perfect. Well there are a few things that are not so wonderful about the cups.
-First thing, DO NOT purchase the insulated version of this cup! The top doesn’t screw in as well and they pop open when thrown or even just dropped onto the floor from any higher than a toddler’s height.
-Second, I don’t use these cups for anything besides water or the occasional watered down powerade. Anything that could mold or go bad, WILL get caught in the silicone grooves and mold. I pull the cups apart (the silicone piece easily pulls out from the lid) and put the pieces through the dishwasher twice a week or so, and wash them by hand without pulling them apart the rest of the time.

All this being said, I LOVE these cups and will continue to use them daily for my children.


-for the record, I purchased these cups with my own money. No one is paying me to review this product. I just love to share things that make my life with children easier with other moms.



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Baby Shower Advice

Hello all! 

As of tomorrow, we are 6 months into the pregnancy! Woo Hoo! Only a few months left to go! Now my summer is going to be so packed full of work, family reunion, and baby prep that this last weekend was the only time I could fit in a baby shower back home. I teamed up with my fabulous Aunt and my best girl friends to get the task done and came up with a few tidbits of advice for all.

First off, I’m a control freak, kinda, but I am definitely very specific about what I do and don’t like. I know a lot of people say that you shouldn’t have to do anything for your party, but as long as you don’t let yourself get stressed, I say TAKE PART IN THE PLANNING! This does not mean that you need to do everything, or even anything at all. I just think that if you want your shower to have a certain theme or if you want a specific food incorporated into the menu, then you should say so. Of course you shouldn’t have tasks to do the day of besides showing up and looking cute with your new bump, but help with decisions where you want to.

Second, but most important, BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION! I know this is hard for some people, but everyone that shows up is there for you! Let them dote of you. Let them tell you how cute you look and how you are just glowing. Let them compliment you until you turn red all over, and thank them for everything. 

Next up, TAKE ALL THE ADVICE YOU CAN GET. I don’t care how many times you’ve been through this with a friend, and how many child cares you’ve worked at. I don’t care how often you babysit for other people or jump at the chance to hold the babies at church. There are just things you won’t really know until you are a mom. At my shower I made sure every woman had an index card where they could jot down a piece of motherly advice for me. The advice you get from the women you look up to and respect is more important than anything a doctor or nurse could tell you at the hospital. Plus this way, you have it written down in their writing which makes it extra special.

HAVE WOMEN ONLY TIME. Even if you are allowing men and children to join in on the festivities, there should be time set apart when you can ask questions or get advice without having to make up fake words or say “you know” in order to explain things. Birth is an experience that even women who have nothing in common feel a bond talking about, and you should be able to talk openly about the good parts as well as the bad and ugly parts.

In order to make sending Thank You cards easier, HAVE EACH GUEST FILL OUT THEIR OWN ADDRESS ON THE ENVELOPE. This is not tacky or rude to ask your guests to do. Usually the soon to be new mom is overwhelmed with things to get done still before baby comes and there is little to no time to sift through an address book in order to find everyone’s current address. This way, each envelope has been filled out (we had the guests do this while people were still arriving) and it only takes a few seconds for them to do it instead of taking you hours to do them all.

Well that’s all I’ve got for today, enjoy and comment if you have any other good shower advice!

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Here Comes Thor!

Wow, has it been forever of what?!? We are now into our 5th month of the pregnancy, same as before with no sickness, not a whole lot of being uncomfortable, and to top it off, we found out that our Thor is really a Thor!!! Whew, what a relief that we haven’t been calling a girl Thor all these months, lol

Last week we tried taking photos to announce the coming baby and it was… Well, eventful? We tried first to get the dogs in on the photo since they are a part of our family… Jackson was a perfect angel, while Kira didn’t quite behave… The first few shots turned out something like this…


I guess she didn’t like the idea of not getting her face into the shot, plus we had the camera on a timer so after 5 or so that were… Well not quite the image I had in mind, we decided against having the dogs in the photo.


This was finally what we ended up with for our photo and I pretty much love it. Thanks for Daniel for setting his camera to sepia ahead of time so I didn’t have to do much editing, But HERE COMES THOR!!!

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And Now They Know!

Life gets crazier every day. As I work on finishing up my 11th week, I’m very proud to say  that I made the trip home (had to drive through a snow storm since my flight got cancelled) and told my parents the big news! They both were excited and informed me that they would like to be around when I tell my grandmother, who is a little crazy and will probably disown me for at least a day once I tell her.

This will be the first of their grandchildren that will be born into a good situation with two parents who are not drinking, smoking or doing any other drugs, and who are actually committed to one another. The first born into a situation where the parents aren’t taking advantage of other people’s tax money and living off of the state. The first grandchild from one of my mother’s children at all! We all thought it would be my little brother, but who knew?

I also took advantage of my best friends being in the same place at the same time and clued them in to what was going on so they could be prepared to be god parents! They were more shocked than anyone else I told this last weekend. Once they got over the initial shock  and stopped thinking that I was playing some cruel joke on them, I think they were both pretty excited! That or they have really been working on their acting skills…

So I promised that I would post about the Adiri Natural Nurser bottles once they came in, and when I got back on Monday, they were here… So here we go!

I ordered them from and they came in less than a week with only $2.50 for shipping! I was extremely impressed! They are one of the places that still carry the different flow bottles in the three different colors and for CHEAP! Once I got them home, they are a lot smaller than they looked in the pictures, but are even better than I imagined. Now I just need to order the warming cap and I’ll be all set!

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1 New Thing

I try my hardest to learn at least one new  thing everyday. It keeps me fresh and new and makes me more excited about the day In front of me. Now since I’ve become pregnant, I’ve had no problem learning at least one new thing every day if not more than that. One thing I learned recently, I decided to share with you since it could possibly be a helpful little piece of info!

As you probably know by now, I have been on a hunt for bottles for the new baby… We call him Thor at home, just for fun since we don’t know the gender yet,  anyways, bottle hunt for Thor. I’ve been searching everywhere online for a bottle brand called mOmma that I found a few months ago. It’s a kind of crazy design and really caught my eye. The bottles are round, and come with softest nipple I’ve ever felt on a bottle before. The nipple is supposed to pull out as the baby sucks on it which allows the holes under the head of the nipple to let air into the bottle.

Anyways, can’t find them anywhere. They are an eastern Asian country and don’t have stores here in the states. Crazy thing is, and this is part of my new learning thing, Wal-mart had them on their website! Now they don’t carry them in most stores, and they most certainly don’t carry the full line of products. What I did find out was that Lansinoh has partnered with mOmma and somehow Wal-Mart got ahold of these bottles. Best part of the whole deal is… Anything you find online on Wal-Mart’s website, you can have shipped to your house for a shipping fee, or you can have it shipped to your local Wal-Mart for free and pick it up at the store! Woo! So that’s what I did anyways, and here’s what the bottle looks like.

5oz mOmma in box

This is how the single bottles come in box when you order them from Wal-Mart’s site. This is just a single 5oz.


This is how it looks outside of the box. Round shape makes it easy for baby to grab onto the bottle and learn to hold on their own. The only thing I wasn’t happy about when I got the bottle home was that the air vent that is made to let the air into the bottle as baby eats is not there. There is a hole in the nipple but not in the right place and not going into the bottle as a vent.

The american website is so you can go ahead and check it out. Let me know if you do! I’ve got Adiri Natural Nursers on the way so once they arrive, I’ll be sure to let you know what I think!

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Let’s Start at The Beginning…

I’m going to try and stay as clean as possible while telling you all about the changes that will occurring with me and my body, relationship, life… I guess everything. I am also going to be as honest and realistic as possible. I won’t make anything sound better of worse than it really is, but I also will be giving my opinion, and explaining what is going on with me and not the stereotypical woman in my situation. So here it goes!


Woo, sure felt good to get that out. According to the nice lady on the phone at the doctor’s office I’ve been growing a little human being inside of me for a little over 9 weeks now. Did I know? Not until I had a really off day and told my hunny that we HAD to go pick up a test. Although I had been expecting it for a little while, and one of my closest friends, who also happens to be prego, was pretty much begging me to go get conformation, I was still just telling myself my period was coming… Boy was I wrong.

My wonderful mother, whom I have yet to inform of my situation at this point in time, is actually the one who made me decide to get the test in the first place. I was asking her questions about her pregnancies and whether or not she had been very sick during them the last time I was home. She informed me that of course I made her the sickest of all and that she lost so much weight due to first off, not being able to keep anything down, and second, anything she did manage to keep in her stomach seemed to come shooting out the other end… in liquid form of course. So my poor mother spent the first trimester of her pregnancy with my on the toilet or with her head in it, but informed me that with my brothers, it was mainly the diarrhea that caused her to remain in the bathroom for the beginning stages of gestation.

After a long day at work, and an espresso shot too many in my last coffee, where did I find myself but at home, on the toilet, praying that this was not really what I was thinking it was, and that I was just having a bad day. By the time I was able to leave the bathroom for longer than a period of 5 minutes, I knew it was time to take the test. Off we went to the nearest Walgreen’s to get to the bottom of whatever was going on, and within 30 seconds of getting home, we knew. Of course I had informed my pregnant friend (we’ll call her K) that I was going to buy a test and she wanted a play-by-play of the details. K is now elated that she has another pregnant buddy to share all her fun with, and I am hoping I make it through all this is 1 piece!

I pray that I leave you all in good health and I will be back to share more of the excitement with you next time.

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