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This busy life of mine…

Wow. What a year our family has had! We finally moved from Fargo (which was our plan for some time) and moved to St Paul for what was supposed to be a 3 month layover on our way to our final destination (Colorado Springs).

Well life did what it does best, and our 3 month stay at my parent’s house turned into a 9 month crowded living situation. I think that if it wasn’t for our children, and their sweet smiles, we would have been sent on our way a long time ago!

Here is the breakdown of our year for each of us:


Joseph Family 2013

Daniel kept working for United Airlines through our move, commuting to Denver a few days a week to work. He ended his journey with the airline in August, and since has been focussing on his marketing company. We have missed our flight benefits, but LOVE having Daniel home and being able to spend time with him.


Catherine left her job at The Children’s Place in March when the family moved. It has been bitter sweet transitioning from being a retail mom to being a stay at home mom. In September, Catherine became an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay and has been loving her business! She took a break in October to have baby Joseph #2 and loves being able to set her own hours and spend time with her kiddos!


Thor has had quite a year! He learned to crawl, then walk. He travelled to 5 different states (California 3 times to see his Uncle Caleb). Thor got to celebrate his first birthday, and also became a big brother (a role which he has embraced like a pro!).


Adalia Charlotte (otherwise known as Charlie) came into the world on October 9th at 12:47pm. She weighed 6lbs 8oz and was 19inches long. She is a fabulous eater, and prides herself on being a better sleeper than her big brother. Charlie is still unsure how to feel about her brother, but she does let him kiss her even though he is extremely rough.


Jackson and Kira are enjoying being in Minnesota. They have made friends with the two dogs across the fence, and have had a blast chasing other animals (ranging from birds and squirrels to ducks and wild turkeys) throughout the year.


We are looking forward to the coming year and the challenges it will bring, and we are so grateful for our friends and family that are so supportive of us.



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Making Decisions Today For Tomorrow

This last week I came across an article someone posted on Pinterest, by a mom who was attempting to be helpful to new mothers. She was informing them about decisions they would have to make at the hospital after the baby was born. The article was well written and informative. This mom gave all the options when it came to certain decisions without taking a side in any of the situations.

At the end of the article, in the comment section, women offered up their very diverse opinions (which i have no issue with. That’s what the comment section is for). These women (I’m assuming most of them are moms) all felt very strongly about the opinions the were offering up, and told their stories with pride.

The issue I had with all the comments is that instead of supporting each other as women and as mothers, the moms who felt very strongly about a certain decision went about tearing apart the mothers that made the opposite decision. No one bothered to ask why someone made a certain decision, or how they feel about it now that it has already been made.

I feel such a strong sense of pride in being a mother. I also feel like as a mom, part of my job is to support other moms, share and accept advice, and be understanding of how incredibly different it is to parent every child.

Obviously, this is just how I feel about the situation, but I do not think its okay for moms to attack one another and make other moms feel poorly about themselves because they chose to make one decision or another when it comes to parenting.

In my mind, so long as you do the research and make the decision that feels right for you and your family, that’s all you can do. If things don’t work, most of the time you can change it. That’s what parenting is about, and no one can make decisions for your children better than you. No one knows them better, and every child is so extremely different that you have to take things one day at a time just in order to not go crazy!

I guess the whole reason for this post is to say that we, as mothers, should be a universal support system of advice, war stories, and most of all, full of understanding for one another. Mothers come in so many different styles and colors with different cultures and beliefs, but if you are being the best mom you can be to your children, no one should be able to make you feel down about it.


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