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Traveling With an Infant

When you have a baby, you shouldn’t take them anywhere until they are at least 6 weeks old. Not even out of the house… UM, WRONG!

That may have been how it was when our mothers (who were all stay at home mothers) had us, but this is a new world! Your family may not live in the house next door or just down the block, and I know for sure that I’m not going to deprive my son’s grandparents of getting to spoil him and hold him (giving me time to get in a shower).

I know there are parents out there who feel the same way, so I’m writing this guide to traveling with an infant.

My son is now 10 weeks old, and as been traveling since the day we came home from the hospital. We drove right over the river and through the woods, a 4 hour drive, to grandmother’s house. He has made this trip 3 times since being born, flown on 12 planes, and been to 7 states so far. He will have travelled over ___ miles before my maternity leave is up.

You might be thinking I’m crazy, but the truth is, I’m just not scared. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no super woman! I only have the one baby, and I often travel with my mom or my husband. Either way, I have help!

So here we go…


Things You MUST Bring Along:

~Baby Carrier- I like to use my Moby since it can easily be folded up and put into the diaper bag when not being used. It gives you two free hands and you can still wear a backpack. It’s also better to have when traveling through large airports because you can still use the escalators (which gets difficult with a stroller).


Depending on the type of baby carrier you have, you don’t have to even take baby out to go through security or when you are on the plane. If I face my son out in the Moby, when I sit down he is also in a sitting position. This is perfect for take off and landing.

~Snacks~ This goes both for you and for the baby. I’m nursing, but I still tend to pump and bring at least 5oz in a bottle for a snack. This way, if dad is with, he can help with feeding. Want to know a secret? You CAN bring bottles through airport security! If you are flying out of a smaller airport, they do have you open the bottle and wave a PH stick over it to test it, but besides that, you’re golden. The mid sized airports have a machine to check the bottles so you don’t have to open them, and the really big airports usually don’t even bother with them at all! So much for the 3oz rule…

Snacks for you is because it sucks waiting in lines at the airport with a baby, especially if they are crying, just to pay too much for something you could have brought with.

~Diaper Bag~ This part is extra important. Your diaper bag should be easily accessible, and should be able to be carried “hands free”. It should also be large enough to carry anything you think you “might” need on your flight.


I use my diaper bag as my personal item, and a backpack as my carry on bag. I’m all about being hands free! That way, I have all the important stuff, like my wallet and iPad in the diaper bag under the seat in front of me when I’m flying.

Fly during nap time with a full tummy- The second I get settled in on the plane, I feed my son to knock him out, and he sleeps the entire flight. This way, there is no crying, or even any awake time on the plane. I know that he sleeps better when swaddled, so I make sure I have a blanket large enough and wrap him up right when I sit down.

Since I’m nursing, it’s easy to just feed him quickly if he does start to wake up, but as long as its not too long of a flight, things usually go pretty smooth.

If you need it, ASK FOR HELP! When on the plane, the flight attendants are usually more than willing to do you a favor and grab your bag from the overhead bin, bring you an extra water, etc…



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