July TCP Haul

So some of you may know this already and some don’t, but my husband and I are expecting again! Ahhh! So Thor will be 14 months old when his little sister is born. Some people call us crazy, but we are so excited!

Knowing that I’m having a little girl, I couldn’t resist doing just a TINY bit of shopping, so of course my mother and I went out and picked up almost enough clothes for the entire summer next year… Haha, anyways, I thought I’d share the cute clothes with you all!

The Children’s Place had their Friends and Family coupon out last week on top of 60% off clearance, so of course we couldn’t resist that. Some of the clothes are from that sale, so they were 60% off the already marked down price, plus an extra 25% the total…

The second half of the haul was all $2.99 plus an additional 15% off with a coupon.

First, had to grab the kiddos 4th of July fits for next year. Couldn’t resist the $2.99 and 25% off. T-Shirt for Thor and dress with bloomers for Charlie.


Matchables for Charlie. Love these outfits but I always wait til they go clearance. $2.99 each piece.


Plain matchable tops for Charlie and a 3D print top plus denim shorts with a comfy waistband. Again, all $2.99 plus coupons.


Another 3D top with tutu skirt. All $2.99. Only downside is the skirt doesn’t have built in shorts or bloomers.





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