And Now They Know!

Life gets crazier every day. As I work on finishing up my 11th week, I’m very proud to say  that I made the trip home (had to drive through a snow storm since my flight got cancelled) and told my parents the big news! They both were excited and informed me that they would like to be around when I tell my grandmother, who is a little crazy and will probably disown me for at least a day once I tell her.

This will be the first of their grandchildren that will be born into a good situation with two parents who are not drinking, smoking or doing any other drugs, and who are actually committed to one another. The first born into a situation where the parents aren’t taking advantage of other people’s tax money and living off of the state. The first grandchild from one of my mother’s children at all! We all thought it would be my little brother, but who knew?

I also took advantage of my best friends being in the same place at the same time and clued them in to what was going on so they could be prepared to be god parents! They were more shocked than anyone else I told this last weekend. Once they got over the initial shock  and stopped thinking that I was playing some cruel joke on them, I think they were both pretty excited! That or they have really been working on their acting skills…

So I promised that I would post about the Adiri Natural Nurser bottles once they came in, and when I got back on Monday, they were here… So here we go!

I ordered them from and they came in less than a week with only $2.50 for shipping! I was extremely impressed! They are one of the places that still carry the different flow bottles in the three different colors and for CHEAP! Once I got them home, they are a lot smaller than they looked in the pictures, but are even better than I imagined. Now I just need to order the warming cap and I’ll be all set!


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