Pumpkin Pie & Apple Crisp

Ten and a half weeks and GROWING!!!

I feel like the most widely heard way people guess that they are prego is because they get morning sickness. Now I’m not trying to brag, but in my ten and a half weeks, I still have yet to throw up! I’m feeling good about it mostly because I have a good friend who gets SOOO sick every pregnancy that she has to go into the hospital and get hooked up to an IV a couple times a week. I think it’s a blessing to not be throwing up every five minutes.

Being almost at the end of the first trimester of this pregnancy, my partner and I are just about ready to start telling the most important people in our lives that we want to know about our exciting news! We will be telling my parents, and the rest of my immediate family members. We also decided to tell the people we plan to ask to be God Parents. On top of that, I’ll have to tell me boss so we are prepared in August when baby gets here.

The most fun part so far has been deciding on baby products that we’re going to use! Although I had most things picked out already, it’s been fun showing “D” (my partner) why I chose these products and why we all are going to love them! Most of them we will be ordering online, but I decided that as soon as they come in, I’ll share with you all the reasons behind the decisions and the plan behind the chaos.

Como Tomo Bottles

So far, we’ve gotten in BOTTLES!!! Of course we won’t know what type of bottle the baby will like or what will work best for him, but I found a few that I liked. We only ordered a few for now since it’s still early, but I’ll tell you why I chose them and why he loves them.

The Como Tomo bottles are silicone. They consist of the bottle, the nipple, the neck and the cap. Main reasons I chose these bottles are because of the air vents in the base of the nipples. They let air into the bottle every time baby sucks and keeps the baby from getting colic. The best part of the vents is that they don’t leak while they are doing their job! I also love that the silicone and the shape of the bottle make it easy for baby to grab onto the bottle and hold it himself. After hearing about the other benefits of the bottle, I think the most exciting part of the bottles for “D” was that they can be turned inside out to be cleaned so he doesn’t have to use a brush or try and get his large hands into the bottles to clean them.

So until the next fun toys come in, I’m off to eat my fresh apple crisp.



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