Let’s Start at The Beginning…

I’m going to try and stay as clean as possible while telling you all about the changes that will occurring with me and my body, relationship, life… I guess everything. I am also going to be as honest and realistic as possible. I won’t make anything sound better of worse than it really is, but I also will be giving my opinion, and explaining what is going on with me and not the stereotypical woman in my situation. So here it goes!


Woo, sure felt good to get that out. According to the nice lady on the phone at the doctor’s office I’ve been growing a little human being inside of me for a little over 9 weeks now. Did I know? Not until I had a really off day and told my hunny that we HAD to go pick up a test. Although I had been expecting it for a little while, and one of my closest friends, who also happens to be prego, was pretty much begging me to go get conformation, I was still just telling myself my period was coming… Boy was I wrong.

My wonderful mother, whom I have yet to inform of my situation at this point in time, is actually the one who made me decide to get the test in the first place. I was asking her questions about her pregnancies and whether or not she had been very sick during them the last time I was home. She informed me that of course I made her the sickest of all and that she lost so much weight due to first off, not being able to keep anything down, and second, anything she did manage to keep in her stomach seemed to come shooting out the other end… in liquid form of course. So my poor mother spent the first trimester of her pregnancy with my on the toilet or with her head in it, but informed me that with my brothers, it was mainly the diarrhea that caused her to remain in the bathroom for the beginning stages of gestation.

After a long day at work, and an espresso shot too many in my last coffee, where did I find myself but at home, on the toilet, praying that this was not really what I was thinking it was, and that I was just having a bad day. By the time I was able to leave the bathroom for longer than a period of 5 minutes, I knew it was time to take the test. Off we went to the nearest Walgreen’s to get to the bottom of whatever was going on, and within 30 seconds of getting home, we knew. Of course I had informed my pregnant friend (we’ll call her K) that I was going to buy a test and she wanted a play-by-play of the details. K is now elated that she has another pregnant buddy to share all her fun with, and I am hoping I make it through all this is 1 piece!

I pray that I leave you all in good health and I will be back to share more of the excitement with you next time.


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